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  The magnetic proximity switch adopts non-contact working mode, long service life, small size, high stability, high reliability, high repeatability, no maintenance and other technical characteristics. It is widely used in automobiles, smart home appliances, smart furniture, toys, safety protection, fitness equipment, counters, industrial detection and control and other fields.
   Its application fields can be divided into three categories: consumer product applications, industrial applications, and automotive applications. For the application introduction, please refer to the application introduction of the magnetic proximity switch at the bottom of the page.
   Soway's magnetic proximity switches are divided into square magnetic proximity switches and cylindrical magnetic proximity switches according to their dimensions. Under each category, they can be divided into plastic shells and metal shells according to different materials. In order to adapt to the use of explosion-proof occasions, the PX133 explosion-proof proximity switch has also been developed.

 Hotel wardrobe door sensor switch, door magnetic switch, can directly load 220V LED lights


 Metal Housing Magnetic Proximity Switch Magnetic Reed Proximity Switch Magnetic Sensor Switch


Explosion-proof door magnetic switch, explosion-proof proximity switch, explosion-proof certification ExdIICT6 Gb