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Emerson Valve Position indicator TXP-L2CGNEM 122

Emerson Valve Position Indicator TXP-E20GNEM 182 is available for saling in the United States

Emerson GOSWITCH 73-1352T-A2 131 Spot Emerson GOSWITCH 73-1352T-A2

Emerson GOSWITCH 73-1356T-A2 53 Spot Emerson GOSWITCH 73-1356T-A2

Emerson GOSWITCH 73-13523-A2 93 Spot Emerson GOSWITCH 73-13523-A2

Emerson Valve Position indicator TXP-P2CGNEM 100

Emerson Valve Position indicator TXP-P2CGNPM 100 Spot Valve position indicator tXP-P2CGNPM

Emerson Valve Position indicator TXP-E20GNPM 26 Emerson Valve position indicator

Valve position indicator tXP-M2CGNPM0000N 50 Emerson Valve position indicator TXP-M2CGNPM0000N

Emerson Valve Position indicator TXP-M2CGNPM 30 Spot Emerson Valve position indicator TXP-M2CGNpm

Emerson GOSWITCH 73-13524-A2 5 Spot Emerson GOSWITCH 73-13524-A2

Emerson Valve Position Indicator DXP-E20GN4B 2 is available for saling in the United States

Emerson Valve position indicator TVA-M2WGNAM 13 is available for saling in the United States

Emerson GOSWITCH 11-12110-00 5 Spot US imported GOSWITCH 11-12110-00

Emerson GOSWITCH 81-20546-A2 1 Spot Emerson GOSWITCH 81-20546-A2

Emerson GOSWITCH 11-11524-A2 1 Spot Emerson GOSWITCH 11-11524-A2

Emerson GOSWITCH MAGNET AMP3 2 spot Emerson GOSWITCH magnet AMP3

Emerson Valve position indicator stand AV-TA13 31 Emerson valve position indicator stand AV-TA13 31 Imported from the United States

Emerson Valve position indicator stand AV-TA15 58 Emerson valve position indicator stand AV-TA15 58 Emerson valve position indicator stand AV-TA15 58

Emerson Grand head 23 spot Emerson United States imports grand head

Emerson Valve Position Indicator stand AV-TA09 505 Is available for saling from the United States

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Topworx valve positioner, valve back signal, discrete valve controller, GOSWITCH valve position switch sensor, limit switch, back switch and accessories. At the same time, the company has two production lines, strong strength, professional to provide customers with valve control solutions, such as valve position back message, valve controller, valve back message selection, installation and so on.


In order to achieve as long a service life as possible, Valvetop's design has met the needs of various applications, and passed 3.5 million cycles of life testing, the product's strengthened design has achieved explosion-proof, dustproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging effect, is widely recognized worldwide.Discrete valve controller has obtained a variety of certifications around the world, among which IECEx, ATEX, CE, UL, CSA and other certifications have been widely recognized as a general standard.


The Topworx discrete valve position controller uses the most advanced piezoelectric technology available today to ensure reliable slide valve action with a response time of up to 50ms and large flow requirements.


Topworx is the world leader in valve controllers for industrial automation. Its products can be used in a variety of harsh conditions, making production and management in factories, offshore platforms and field pipelines more intelligent and efficient.

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